Lilith in


Symbolizes the general meaning; Curiosity, Sexual limitations, Marginality, Heavy responsibilities, Emotional and psychological instability, Health problems (stomach), Hygiene, Fussiness, Excessive analysis.


A person has a problem with the construction of his personality because tendencies that is almost constant to often subconsciously comparisons with others and fitting in with others. In order to protect himself this person used mainly cold appearance and provides to others a vision of egoism.


Everyday life and rhythm that imposesto others is hard to bear. A person generally tries to channel his feelings, trying to calm his inner turmoil and to find safety for which craves. When forced to choose, or to make a choice he feels insecure and violent disturbances.


The most common wish for this person is that on the basis of logic and fact make decisions but it is often forced to leave it for someone else on the basis of intuition or external factors (destiny). Decisions that are taken by the way can be painful due to the direction which was not according to his wishes but which, however, was the most logical solution.

Somehow, through the entire life person will wriggle lesson that he must to learn is to accept the changes and to “digest” them. If this does not occur, or if persistently refuses incoming changes, negative circumstances, accumulated discontent, will result in some kind of illness.


The feeling of inferiority, suspicion of everything and everyone, consistent sincerity and logic that can be above average in different circumstances can lead that a person starts to cultivate syndrome self-incrimination. Irrational fears, hypochondria, various phobias, disgust (food for example) to be a simple and yet be a special, sometimes pathological neatness are just some of the symbols of this Lilith.


The solution is in the unconscious. The lessons that must be met are taking control of the instincts soon as they express on the conscious level. Also use intuition to overcome and controlled ratio. This will reduce the constant feeling of fear. Unconsciously and consciously living in constant conflict which may result in rejection of intuition, because rationality does not accept it.