Lilith in


Symbolizes in the general meaning; Jealousy, Stubbornness, Possessiveness, Braking, Sensuality.


Difficulties in changing habits. Lilith here is awaking a hunger for material but also emotional. Matter and emotion are one and the same. The difficulties in the release of the past. Problems in acquiring emotional security that for this person is of the utmost importance.


The lessons that must be learned as the road environment changes that must be accepted. Acceptance of renunciation of all that we love; people, environment.


With this position of Lilith, the person most often early in his life closes itself. Many memories from early childhood are forgotten. 


Problematic expression of sensuality, which could at the same time be manifested as a strong braking and strong expression thereof. Expressed strong jealousy that leads to the almost clinical picture of possessiveness.

The lesson must be taught how to surrender, to let go without a stubborn defiance of possession. A person must learn that the inevitable changes he need to embrace in full way; to accept the risk and unknown circumstances, people, landscapes, uncertain targets.


As for the material, the person is controversial. At the same time he likes and dislikes matter, money. Often financial problems. A person must learn that reaching stability that he badly needs requires constant changes and not need to compromise in order to have “peace in the house held.” 


Very often people will probably act just like that, but with this the person will just delay inevitability .The Change in other words.


The karmic heritage of person is that he probably carries a very bad sexual heritage. The lesson that must be learned, thus fully accepted, is that sensuality must be under control, acceptance of possession and then losing out, in the material and in the emotional way.