Lilith in


Symbolizes the general meaning; The fascination, Nightmares, Financial problems, Rebirth, Huge interest in mystery, Death, Life after death, Passionate forces, Material ambition, Fantasy, Suicidal tendencies, Masturbation, Transformation, Acute lucidity, Interest in magic.


Here we find extreme reactions in everything. Passion and desire are the foreground. Also, everything that has to do with matters of life and death is very important.


Subconsciously huge confusion and change through life experiences. The severity, limitations of life conditions are seen as death itself, deprivation. When problems are too big a person can choose death or suicide as a way out of them.


The progress of the soul acquires at different levels and through different experiences. Supremacy here is very evident. A person with a very expressive authority.


There is a possibility that the person during the life will go through trials and situations such as, for example, violence, sexual perversion or sexual violence, or that despite the difficult situation was forced to survive, to endure. Therefore, in the later periods of his life the psyche of this person can make rise his hands on himself if, for example, the inability to obtain revenge for the damage caused to the person or persons who have violated him in any way. Connection with the death are very important.


Simply as already mentioned death fascinates. Sometimes this fascination is expressed on a positive level, such as, for example, work in the emergency room where resuscitation saves someone’s life or work in a morgue, where an autopsy of the deceased are being carried out. But of course if this Lilith receives positive aspects from other planets in the natal chart is supporting that. If this Lilith is in the negative aspects, a person has to take care of embarking on any kind of spiritual content, because it is a thin line in going over to the side of the bad side.


Scorpio is known for the regeneration that is beyond the ability of syndrome “Phoenix”. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. A person have great power of his own energy recovery. The creative potential is very important. The possibility of channeling energy through the engagement analysis, hypnosis, the monetary authority.

In any case, a person must learn to be honest. The little wider explanation, person will be unable to have any influence on the house of the natal chart in which these Lilith laid. He will have to accept the events that are related to that house as they come during life and to learn to cope with problems in the best ways he knows.


The lessons that must be learned are that the person must preserve the respect for life. Must to preserve the relationship with himself. He must learn to understand life and to fully embrace regardless of all the other dark impulses that feels.


In a past life a person was likely been a warrior. Another likely possibility is that dealt with magic and the occult sciences. Sexuality and religion was likely been mixed in various rituals. A person could have been the founder of the sect, where he could rule over others and exerts all his power, fantasies and ambitions. Another possibility is that he was the victim in the above mentioned circumstances and from that memories or experiences of the soul wears great trauma into the Present.


Further, as to the present, the person is probably fascinated by the world of magic, sexuality, because deep down he feels that through this area may come to the source within himself. He can also use occult making himself renewed or upgraded. Sexuality is part of the lesson. What person with Lilith positioned here need to know, is to not mix those two things.