Lilith in


Symbolizes the general meaning; Spiritual task, Search for absolute, Learning, Religion, Philosophy, Limitation, Border, Disrespect for the law, Problems with strangers, Problems during the trip, Anarchism, Nightmares, Accident.


In most cases with this Lilith we have people who do not value themselves and that consequently suffers from the syndrome of inferiority. The person wearing the thought that is not clear to others.

As a result, the native has a need to merge with the crowd. It affects him very much everything that others thinks or talk about him. Sagittarius is a sign which is characterized by positivity and conformity. Jupiter rules this sign. 


But Lilith here arises doubt in all this. The person will probably be drawn to false role, that is to pretend to be something he is not. Another option is to completely reject social standards.


Sagittarius cannot function without ideals. Lilith here requires that the ideal can be found in a different ways. A person must find his own ideal, despite the strong impulse for a spiritual or religious. The result is that the native weather refuses to know the spiritual or religious standards. He will have to find the way of life and the circumstances his own perception of the same. Here we have a very strong will established over others. The imposition of his own standards and ideals.

In a past life soul was probably part of religious organizations, and most likely on a very high position. The possibility that the person has been betrayed due fights for position. Soul remembers the trauma and issues thus suffering that has resulted from it.


In today’s life, the greatest goal of the person is the need to reach the faith. Most likely the person is matured in an environment where religion and faith were of no importance. A person was forced himself to find ways of education and life will most likely be directed towards it.

Spirituality here must independently build. 


There is also the possibility that the person is matured in an environment where the religious preference of any specific, such as, for example, sect. What resulted in the rejection and negation of religion and spirituality.


Lilith in Sagittarius attract all of the above examples. It can be drawn road trips, arbitrary persecution even racism. On a positive level person can be drawn to discovering new cultures through travel. On this basis, it is the number of trips and the study of other cultures, person may be drawn to a particular country because of deep feeling subconsciously that already lived there.