Lilith in


Symbolizes the general meaning; The legality, Constipation, Opiates, Escape from reality, Super proportionally magnetism, The wrong choices, Mysteries, Multitude of relationships, Medium, Psychological problems.


Infinity is a key word here. Not only word but also the aspiration of reaching the state of infinity. Person have a problem of self-realization. Not knowing the best of his internal aspirations, preferences and desires.

No clear position that if an idea is really his or imposed from outside. Self-definition has a problem to the environment. This same environment usually does not see the problems and internal conflicts of the native.


The result of all this can lead to disease, usually on the psychic basis, developing inner bulletproof shield, or very often, manipulating with lies. The same manipulation with lies can become very easy part of the character, and create from this person perfect manipulator. Neptune rules Pisces.


On the other hand there is, all depending on the aspects in the natal chart, the possibility that the native excellent medium. Intuition is very high. The ability to see on the inner level “other worlds”, the ability of conscious channeling between the worlds. If the mind is weaker it can actually be very dangerous, because if the native does not have a developed power of control channeling can be reflected in the total annihilation of the psyche sometimes even life itself.

The person also on a positive level can feel the others, in some cases even only through photos, and give exact descriptions of the characteristics of a person.


Indecision which is one of the main characteristics of the sign in which was laid this Lilith can be developed to the pathological condition and this is one of the major problems that this person must overcome. Next problem that must be overcome is separating fantasy from reality or fear from others controls.


In a previous life person was probably put in a situation to give up on his ambitions and aspirations. Soul here remembers the sense of sacrifice that was leading to destruction. There is also the possibility that the native lived in circumstances that require spiritual engagement such as, for example, a church. Or in some cases even madness (or native was located as a patient or worked in the same), resulting in a loss of mental balance.


In the current life person is trying to avoid obstacles and problems rather than face them. Use to dream (Neptune) and to build imagination and fantasy (also Neptune as the ruler of Pisces) to escape from reality. Depending on natal chart, there can be danger from psychiatric illnesses. Person is very attracted to the occult, there can be an interest for psychiatry, psychology, magic, astrology, drugs, chemical drugs research, mental states.