Black moon

Lilith has many origins. In one version of the bin-Sira version of the Bible, Lilith is the first wife of Adam (before Eve) and was created at the same time that god created Adam.

In Greek myth, she is the goddess of the dark moon (Artemis is the goddess of the full moon, and Hecate is the goddess of the crescent moon).

In Mesopotamian legends, Lilith is a fertility/earth goddess who protects people's children and helps to harvest food.

There are many different legends and sources from multiple religions that refer to Lilith, and none of them are complete.

Lilith mythology

According to the Hebrew tradition, Lilith was Adam's first wife. Both were created from the ground. This theory probably has its roots in the interpretation of the Book of Existence (Book of Genesis) and a twofold explanation.


According to Genesis 2:22, "God created Eve from Adam's rib, or in one of the preceding paragraphs, more precisely 1:27, points out that women already created:" And God created man in his forms, according to forms of God created he it; male and female he created them. That was Lilith. Before Eve.

Also according to Hebrew tradition, Lilith was banished from paradise when she refused to obey Adam, especially after sexual intercourse, because she refused missionary position, or to be "under him."


When she was expelled from paradise turned into a demonic figure and Adam assigned new wife, Eva, who was created from his rib because Adam wanted her obedience. Clearer explanation for her refusal to obey should be emphasized in order to better understand the myth.


She requested from Adam to perform sex act "on the side" or that she was "up". He refused. Then she became a demon by getting expelled from paradise and so she began to communicate with other demons and gives birth to their children. So her only mistake was that she demanded equality.

We can see the reason why Lilith became evil and vindictive. Her personality was also worshiped as the Great Goddess. In Assyria, Babylon, worshiped under the name Lilitu, Istar.

Jewish mythology have little bit harder explanation - Lilith, demon, devil's partner, seductress men and a child killer.

In the natal chart Lilith is the point that pulsates. Why do I say point? Because the Lilith in astrology is called the Dark Side of the Moon (Black Moon).


Moon orbiting the earth in a certain eclipse (path). Perigee (perigee) is a point in the orbit of the Moon which is closest to Earth, Apogee (apogee) is the furthest point from the Earth.


When the Moon during its circle around the Earth reach exactly halfway between the apogee and the Earth we call it the Dark side of the moon or just Lilith.

What exactly Lilith symbolizes in the birth chart? Symbolizes the dark side of our nature, what is hidden even from ourselves. Our partnerships, our fears, psychic stability, sexuality also our wishes, fantasies, frustrations but also our limitations.


Furthermore, the lessons we need to learn the in hard way, sacrifices that we have to experience. It is the point through which the "Force Majeure" enters into our lives and shapes our spirit.


Aspects to Lilith built in Natal chart are very important and orbits (distance) must not exceed 2 degrees. Conjunctions are naturally the strongest. The sign in which Lilith is, describe pattern by which it will be manifested in our life.


The house where Lilith is in the natal chart will describe through which power will act.