Lilith in Houses

Which power will act

Lilith in the first house

All depending on which sign is on the first house, Lilith here symbolizes and implies strong emotions. Sometimes lead in very extreme and violent emotions. Rebel with reason or no reason. Very pronounced interest in the occult. In some cases, the victim of magic, in other cases, the very same executor. Everything that Lilith symbolizes for the sign of which is the first house here is emphasized.

Lilith in second house

Lilith in second house symbolizes finances but not only that. As this is a natural house of Taurus, the natural ruler is Venus, and with Lilith set in this house we get a no acceptance of the establishment of institutionalization but also very expressed emotion. Person may have confused attitudes in financial terms. On one hand, the refusal of all that follows from that house,or on the other hand, the enormous aspirations and hidden intentions of the same.

On a subconscious level, people sometimes deliberately chooses the wrong financial decisions that later lead to the collapse of the financial system. In other cases, a person can be very stable in the financial sector but with hidden phobias and unrealistic fears of losing his entire capital. Emotional security is associated with a finances certainty.

Lilith in the third house

The house of communication and close relatives such as sisters and brothers. Lilith here is forcing to communicate with others with the intention of expression and manifestation of inner being. These may be people who have an unusual ability to write, and also acting. Simply because Lilith is in the house who is ruling "words".

Sometimes this position indicates the tragedy that happened to persons brother or sister and that has left a deep print in the psyche of the person. This can be displayed in a couple of ways. One is that the person is deeply fascinated by the tragedy in general, of fatal, and canals that energy in writing, for example to become author of crime stories and novels. Another possibility is the pathological belief that life is worthless.

Lilith in the fourth house

In the house who symbolizes home, Lilith can point to deep complexes and various scars related to early childhood. This may for example be the death of father or mother, violent or forcible separation from the family, home or a traumatic event that was occurred in early childhood. This position may also signifies a deep urge to escape from the family itself and cut everything to do with the same. A person does not feel "at home". Often changing residence. Also, in a positive sense, Lilith here can point to a deep intuition and a deep interest in the mysteries of existence. Almost mediumistic power "reading" others.

Lilith in the fifth house

In the house of children, creativity and communication Lilith emphasizes the problem of conception. This can manifest itself in several ways, and it can be on a conscious and unconscious level. Intense sexual passion and desire which in some cases can reach aggressiveness. Another possibility is the fear of them or totally reject them.

Sometimes the fear of conception. On an unconscious or semi-conscious level, especially in the women's natal chart this can be a refusal of motherhood, or if implemented disconnection with her child. In some cases this can result in even hatred.

As for creativity Lilith here forces to be more than good in everything the person is doing. Also in the opposite direction can sometimes lead to "creative blockages" in the absence of self-confidence.

Lilith in sixth house

This is the house of daily routine, workplace and habits. Lilith is a rebel. We conclude on this basis that Lilith here wants to break the rules, rejecting routine and she don't want to be a prisoner of habit. Also there is a huge possibility that rejects any authority, for example at work or literal rejection of law and order. 

Another possibility, all depending on Lilith disposition and other positions in the natal chart, it can lead to total lethargy in terms of the above options. Loss of interest in any kind of struggle, progress at work, accepting everything that arises without thinking or doubting.

Sixth house also symbolize health. We should be paid great attention to it in which sign laid this Lilith in the natal chart, and to take seriously into consideration all the weak points of health or the possibility of developing certain diseases.

Lilith in the seventh house

This is a house of marriage and partnerships, public house. Lilith is associated with deep and hidden parts of the psyche. This symbolizes the great possessiveness in relation to the partner or close friends. Attracting is huge, but it can also symbolize the rejection depending on other aspects. They are always two extremes, there is no middle way. Partner relationships can also have therapeutic powers or extremely destructive. Psychological trauma after the end of connections may be associated with permanent damage to the psyche. Destructive emotions roads. Jealousy is emphasized.

Lilith is striving for absolute, positioned here speaks of the huge expectations of the partners themselves, relationship or marriage in general. With this comes the frequent disappointments because "absolutely" does not exist. And this Lilith has a huge problem to accept that. There are two possibilities: often breakup in relations/marriages or destructive battle within a relationship or marriage that may not last very long.

Also, in a more positive setting Lilith here can attract people who are very independent, with her expression of eros, rebellious character, tremendous passion, those who are craving for total perfection too.

And as I pointed out, depending on other planet position and other aspects in the natal chart, Lilith positioned here can be a positive stimulant in strong relationships but also can symbolize a very painful experience in the same.

Lilith in the eighth house

House of sexuality, death, the occult. Lilith is talking about expressing sexuality, so important for this person that almost all other spheres in life are in the background. Enjoying sex is brought to perfection, almost sacred act. But if the person has not engaged deep into his psyche, or if any of the other aspects in the natal chart reflect the problem with it, this person could have a total opposites. Rejecting their own sexuality, lack of pleasure in sex, or total abstinence.

Also Lilith here can indicate interest in the field of magic, rituals, especially those that are associated with an erotic context. Further, death is experienced very deep and painful, especially in terms of people who are close to this person.

Lilith in the ninth house

In the house of learning, faith, vision and idealism, Lilith often emphasizes the rejection of all limitations. This position may be indicative of a very pronounced idealism and sense of absolute power and aspiration to attain this power at any cost. Can often indicates to refuse stale norms such as official school or learning. Refusing any compromise. Refusal of intellectuality and prefer accepting everything with instincts. In any case, instinct comes before racial. Intuition is the main guide and initiator. Often rejection of religion is general. The tendency to pagan beliefs and religions.

Lilith in the tenth house

At the highest point of the horoscope Zenit, field aspirations, goals,career, Lilith emphasizes independence in thinking and therefore the person will always choose a profession that would allow him to. These are usually extraordinary or unusual professions.

Because this Lilith does not tolerate ordering or conventional rules. Such an attitude often leads to a margin or what is refused from the majority. Most often these are the people who work independently. The great potential of creativity and enormous need to express their own individuality. Since the Lilith is associated with the deepest psyche, it is very important that the emotion is always clean and quiet in order to make the right decisions and life choices.

Lilith in the eleventh house

House of friendship and reality. Here you have a need for absolute. Lilith often leads to a huge selection in accepting the friends. Expectations are also of the very big. Risk is of excessive emotional demands from friends and subconsciously exploitation from friendly relations to calm the inner conflict.

Lilith in the twelfth house

In the house of psyche Lilith calls to dive into the subconscious. If by any chance this dive into the subconscious does not work, huge blocks and conflicts of this person will be visible in real life. This will often produce hard life conditions. Lilith in this house talk about painful and difficult psyche. The way to win or positive canalizes requires a deep dive within.