Lilith in


Symbolizes the general meaning; Difficulties in all forms of cooperation and association, Snobbery, Egoism, Rejection of social norms, Attractiveness, Frustration, Unrealized wishes, Renal disease, Widowhood.


As a sign of Libra in a basic explanation symbolizes harmony, Lilith here draws attention to the problems of establishing the same. The person has problems in establishing the connection, first because of his own behavior then because of sincerity that any connection, either emotional or business requires.


A person must learn to balance between his personality and character, and others with whom to liaise. Establishing a partnership is very important, but the lessons that must be mastered is patience, accommodating, balance and compromise.


Due to the enormous needs of the native to build relationships and maintain them he will often choose a line that just let partners decide everything. But precisely because of that indulgence person cannot define himself and at the same time even if he is aware of this fact cannot live without these others. He often have the feeling that another usurping his privacy but at the same time there is a blockage that relations can organize and change. Lack of confidence is very pronounced and therefore people often feel tremendous pressure and discontent caused mental suffering.


On the other hand, in order to protect himself the person will often enter into conflicts that can be violent, impulsive and expressed at the wrong moment. Simply there is no free will, others will somehow always be stronger and have in any conflict or discussion stronger arguments. A person must learn to endure the attacks because he cannot win, even if in some cases he is right and the other side knows it, but still will not be allowed to comes from the conflict out as the winner.

Furthermore, the native must learn self-confidence and simply accept others as they are. There chapters of life that the native must overcome in order to learn when and how to manifest itself in the environment. He must learn to give without interest, to accept others wishes or that he is the object of wish and to leave his own aspirations aside.


Often this position of Lilith brings pathological indecisiveness. Simply person cannot make any decision. In order to avoid this, one has to clearly define himself, his requirements, desires, thinking even if the price is that it will create a very uncomfortable situations.


Almost all of the decisions the native brings on the unconscious level and the person does not know how to explain to others why he was making that decision. Therefore, there is no sense of patience or obligation to wait. Lilith is demanding from the person to seek refuge in indifference and insensitivity. The danger arises right here if this practice of “salvation” root and become part of the character.


The lessons that must be learned are that the person must fit his ego in relations with others. To express himself must learn middle compromise. Must learn not to plan too much and to live in the present moment. Calculations lead to problems.


In a past life soul was likely benefiting from the social connections for his personal selfish need. The person was likely very unfair in relation to others. Another possibility is that the soul is suffering because of the injustice and as a result of that current person caring this trauma in his subconscious and they are expressed through the issue of social relations. The karmic debt here is about justice and injustice which is pushing this person to change.