Lilith in


Symbolizes the general meaning; Resistance, Ambition, Sexuality, Megalomania, Cold will, Vitality, Arrogance, Adultery.


One of the most important internal impulses of the person who has in his natal chart Lilith positioned here is to dominate, lead and decides instead of others.


A person is also convinced that he knows best the needs of those he love and therefore brings the best decisions for them.


But there is an obstacle, and most people will not be able to realize these inner urges. A person must learn how to let others to live, make their own decisions but sometimes must accept to go from very dear people.


Very evident need for domination, power, will never be satisfied because of the inability to supervise. Karmic lesson that must be overcome is to forget personal desire, ambition and ego or to drop it to a minimum. Must learn that he can be the center of attention even if he is not a “leader”. Almost always will have an unconscious need for the authority which will in real life try to accomplish through the prism of family tradition and hierarchy.

Next, there is the possibility to be the center of attention of a group or organization or is most likely to be found in the situation to the fight for ideas or goals that himself does not believe.


 The question is logically why would he do that? The answer is, with Lilith positioned here, is that for this person somehow most important thing is his own ego and will defend it at any cost, even if it requires from him to have an important and significant role in an environment that is not essentially for this person of any value.


The need for pleasure, passion is huge. Worship itself is crucial here. After each failure comes even stronger will to experiment again, but the problem is that the pattern of behavior does not change. A person must learn to set limits.


In the past lives most likely abused power and probably in high places. Another option is of course contrary, a person may have suffered from a deep sense of inferiority. At present, according to a karmic seal, a person yearns for strength and power to destroy, or other extreme is to fight against all forms of tyranny.