Lilith in


Symbolizes the general meaning; Denial, Arrogance, Snobbery, Resistance, Sterility, Widowhood, Sadism, Insulation, Ambition, Cold, Withdrawal into itself, Silence.


Person with this position of Lilith wants to dominate. One of the biggest characteristic is emphasized ambitions in material and moral terms. And in these areas, means having control over everyone and prosper in his ambitions, this person encounters obstacles that happen.


Person must learn elasticity, to reject the rigidity in behavior and to become more soft and easy. Must learn to accept life’s circumstances to impose particularly when it is contrary to the wishes and ambitions.


Acceptance of difficult periods of loneliness and a tendency in these periods become very negative. Person have a very well developed mechanism of protection.


Mostly during the life he learned to build a wall between himself and the environment. One of the lessons that must be learned is patience, second, endurance. What this means? Simply native’s life will put him in the situation when the patience and indurance will come to the age of an abyss. Often, the native will choose obligations and habits and reject pleasure. Person behavior in everyday life can be very irritating and sometimes works as a punishment for others and on a subconscious level on himself.


This implies a risk of frequent nervous breakdowns. Person has tendency to withdrawal due to obstacles, unfulfilled desires and ambitions. As a result, we obtain the rejection of desire and ambition that is the abandonment of the objectives and termination of belief in any kind of success. Some people with this position due to the collapse of the inability to solve the problem, decide on suicide. Simply, defeat is hard to accept.

Periods of ascetic (asceticism), which imposes the native life experiences as death itself and leads to the thought that all hope is lost. But we come to another problem, namely the native deep down has a superior opinion about themselves but it cannot be expressed in the outside world because the environment in which he lives will not allow it.


This Lilith wants to feel full, emotional and material, but if he cannot achieve that he will select only material. Native’s life is constantly forcing the endurance. As a result, people developed a cold attitude toward others. This behavior is simply protects to endure when the environmental crisis and the problems are active.


Also one of the lessons that the native must overcome is to separate feelings (emotions) and ambition (materiality). He must learn to establish control (dominance) in a much more humane and gentler way.

In a previous life person was probably at a very high position and ruled with immense cruelty to others. Most likely, this person used rigor, sometimes very sadistic punishment. Putting others in misery position and acquiring the material was his priority.


In present native is learning self-control. Soul was returned in the current life in the body of an ordinary man / woman to be taught a lesson of humanity and the ordinary. If this lesson is mastered during this life to the next person will again be the ruler, or with the right attitude.