Lilith in


Symbolizes the general meaning; Sexual repression, Fantasy, Possessiveness, Problems of conception, Aborts, The absence or death of the mother, Problems in the diet, Karmic debts related to family members, Renunciation of the family, Refusal of childhood, Sentimentality, Refusal of weakness.


Lilith positioned here speaks about karmic destiny regarding familial relationships related to the person. Everything concerning maternity and basic home is highlighted regarding the environment and situations that people encounter during their lifetime.


In the karmic sense, emphasis is on the native’s mother. Native’s mother in this life is perhaps known from some of the past lives. Another possibility is that there was no interaction with the current mother in a past life, or the soul chose this because of their own evolution.


In Present person can meet the situation “absence” Mother- not present for some reason during the life of the native – too busy to take care of the native – died. It is also important to point out that anything that is related to the mother’s present of life will be of the key importance for the native. The evolution of the soul will be completed by the emotional level. Attachment to the family and at the same time rejecting.


Situation or condition that the person will have to go through can be quite painful and confusing. The desire to be a member of the family, the rejection of family tradition and history, the possibility of abandonment to himself, to be for himself the father and mother, finding or not finding a family, fitting and not fitting into the family. 


In some cases consciously search for a new family, although basic is there. These include cases in which an individual access to some groups, such as sports teams, various workshops, religious groups, sects. In any case, a person must retain its independence, faced with the problem of belonging to or reject belonging to any group (family).

The imagination which characterizes the sign which was laid this Lilith terraces person to twist reality and likely the person will have a very painful and traumatic experience. At the beginning of life a person has not lived in the happy atmosphere in the home.


Or a person has had difficulties in the family (cold relations, frequent quarrels father and mother), or for some reason did not have a home and family. Others are forced to accept the things they did not want. But despite all the problematic situations through which a person passed or passes, there is always a need to protect those who love, those whom the person cares about.


Despite the consistency the person is often blocks by uncertainty. Opinions and respect for others is kind of crucial importance. Because of the troublesome or traumatic childhood and the environment a person has a deep fear of independence or isolation. This leads that the mental maturity is difficult to achieve. A person has to accept and learn traditional values. Important emotional ties is very important to keep.


The stability of the relationships that are built during the life like for example the creation of their own families and relationships within it. The karmic heritage this person can bear the burden of excessive protection or complete absence of the same. Also in one of the past lives the person was rejected by the all-family, or the person was rejected the same.