Lilith in


Symbolizes the general meaning; Independence, Impulsiveness, Stubbornness, Militancy, Sexual behavior.


Lilith positioned here speaks of karmic legacy of violence. That is why person feel the same fear. Sometimes there is expressed fear of blood, even in terms of hospital case such as surgery or injections at the health center.


Aries symbolizes the action forward, the beginning, the attack (Mars rules this sign). With Lilith laid here we get a problem with all the above. We get dilemmas. Whether to start something or not, fear of failure, fear of the possibility of restrictions, fear of commitment.


Every beginning looks like a trap. Due to these fears, comes to making wrong decisions, immobilizer, self block, unconscious desire for the possession of power is very high.


Will I succeed, if I be accepted, I want that but I do not want to oblige me, I want this relationship but I want to be free. And from all these dilemmas, the problem arises and leads to irrational decision.

The person becomes a rebel. Resistance to the law, the resistance to authority, opposition to superiors, resistance to orders. Control over their own behavior becomes almost impossible. Aggression is high. Soul bears karmic quest to establish control over the passions, emotions and impulses.


The person is very self centered, wants to dominate any situation or comes to the knowledge that cannot happen. Or partner with whom the person is married, is stronger, or is that an employer who imposes his ego, or father, brother again directed by anyone with whom this person interacts. Life forces to limit the ego that lowered his head, to comply with other people’s desires and appetites.


The lessons that will be learned during life are self-control, focus enormous creativity and hyperactivity, reducing sense of pride and defiance, acceptance of life’s circumstances as they encounter a waiver of the light of life solutions, independent break through the life and problems.


Abandonment of the ego. Of the others person can expect the pressure to accept their will thus acceptance of an act of surrender. A person is limited in expressing his own desires. Must learn PATIENCE. Whatever self-start, it is going hard, and leads to a rapid withdrawal. Mostly will be forced to follow the others and their decisions.