Lilith in


Symbolizes the general meaning, Nervousness, Betrayal, Sex, Contingencies, Accidents, Death of a friend, Freedom, Divorce, Claustrophobia.


All persons principles will be broken here. The tendency to have the absolute right to the truth, “I’m right even when I’m wrong.” A person wants to live according to his own rules and preferences, but that will not work.


There will always be obstacles in the realization of arbitrariness, native will attempt to circumvent them, jump over, or even if he succeed, something or someone will push back the native to the starting position.


How Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of a new, fast and dynamic, also the planet that wants everything and immediately, this Lilith wants everything and immediately. On a scale of priorities of this person, stability is in last place.


None of the projects that he is starting is coming to the end. Great enthusiasm at the beginning followed very quickly to sense of boredom and abandonment of the project because the new one started. We have here a revolutionary instincts, if the mind is open. The person will most likely be forced to take care of relatives which will itself perceived as a burden and obligation. Aquarius does not tolerate burden or obligation.

The lesson here which need to be learned is that inner freedom is crucially important. Constant changes, migration, issues will follow a person throughout life. For a detailed analysis of Uranus channeling energy is that is huge and carries a very great creativity we need to look at the person natal chart, then see how the second ruler of Aquarius, Saturn placed in it to see how the creativity should be expressed.


If creativity is in any way hampered, impossible, or used in selfish purposes we will get as a result a person with unstable psyche, expressed nervousness. The lesson that must be learned is that person needs to “think” with heart not just with the head. To integrate love in his rational humanistic-being. Next to learn is to selflessly sacrifice, that is, without calculations and ulterior motives.


In a past life a person was likely been part of a group, clan, community. The context may have been the same free will, also chosen, but there is a possibility that the ideas of this specific community were imposed. In both cases, almost certainly, native was disappointed in ideology and solidarity groups. Most likely due to the rebellion against a member or members was exposed to a very large trauma, such as, for example, deprivation of liberty (prison).


In the current life person appreciates his own freedom too much. Every attachment, business, political or love awakens in the person sense of limitations and deprivation of liberty. At the same time attracting and rejection.