The meaning of the seventh house in

C.G. Jung

“So far as the personality is still potential, it can be called transcendent, and so far as it is unconscious, it is indistinguishable from all those things that carry its projections…[that is,] symbols of the outside world and the cosmic symbols. These form the psychological basis for the conception of man as a macrocosm through the astrological components of his character.”

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The seventh house rule relationships and partnerships of a person, marriage, marriage partner, legal issues, court proceedings, divorce, open enemies.  


The seventh house rule all the people we work with, colleagues, clients, doctors or our opponents. It also signifies all relations with others with whom we enter into any agreement, those with which we enter into conflicts or fights, our rivals in any area. So these are all those who stand across us, everyone with whom we have any interaction. It symbolizes finances and issues related to money such as debts or fines, divorces, legal problems, agreements, contracts, lawyers, signed marriage (contract) and so on.


The seventh house also signifies our dusk and the break of our own path. For signs like Gemini or Virgo, a house that endangers life. The natural sign that rule the seventh house is the sign of the Libra and the natural signifier is Venus. For example, if we have the Taurus sign on the Ascendant, it mean that the person is conservative, terrestrial, faithful and sensual, and completely unconscious by the scorpion's reflection on the top of the seventh house or Descendent that is extreme, intolerant, jealous, sarcastic, possessive, powerful, secretive.


The seventh house reflects our unconscious, that is, our opponent or partner has the same characteristics as we, so that is why we are attracted to them. When we understand our unconsciousness and accept the projected energy from the seventh house and we connect them consciously with the characteristics of our Ascendant (first house), we will have better insight and more understanding for those who stand across us