Lilith and her trinity

I think we need to clarify a bit the complexity of Lilith and try to understand her in a slighty different not so conventional way

Dark Moon Lilith

I belong to a group of my colleagues who claim that there is another moon that circles around Earth - a mysterious Dark moon. TheTrue Lilith (Dark Moon) is mentioned from September 2, 1618, according to Delphine Jai in the book "Interpretation of Lilith".


This dark moon is the second Earth's satellite, which is rarely seen because it does not reflect light and can only be seen on rare occasions when the sky is dark, and True Lilith (Dark Moon) is in opposition to the Sun or in conjunction. One-fourth of the size of our famous Moon, say astronomers who saw it, three times as far away. It takes 119 days to move around the Earth, about 10 days after the sign

Black Moon Lilith

Definitely the toughest of three Lilith, Black Moon, Mean Lilith is not a physical body, but an abstract, mathematical point, as the Ascendant. It is the second center of Moon's elliptical orbit around the Earth. The Elipse has two centers, not one perfect circle.


Earth is one center and Black Moon Lilith is the other. Another way of describing this point is like the apogee of the moon orbits, or the place where it is farthest from Earth.


The position of the Black Moon in natal chart tells us where is our darkest point and most hidden one. She will push us and insists that we feel through it, let go, surrender. It is a corridor in the heart through which we are lured to discover our deepest truth

Lilith asteroid

The Lilith asteroid, number 1181, orbits with most other asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids, considered fragments of a one-time planetary body, are aspects of a larger whole. The asteroid belt is a bunch of archetypal materials.


Here I refer to female asteroids as different aspects of the Great Goddess. Viewed from this perspective, Lilith is one of the oldest goddesses. Symbol for asteroid Lilith is a stylized hand that symbolizes warning, greeting or blessing. Asteroid 1181, Lilith, orbits around the Sun for about 4 years.


It presents separate, demonized aspects of femininity, the result of many years of cultural projections that perceive powerful female roles and attributes as shameful, unreliable and dangerous