Venus in Taurus


I don’t possess these thoughts I have – they possess me. I don’t possess these feelings I have – They obsess me.”  Author: Ashly Lorenzana

In general meaning symbolizes sensuality, romance, enjoyment, comfort, love affairs, gifts, candy. In the sign of Taurus all of this is even more apparent because Venus is the ruler of this sign.

Here everything subordinated building a stable relationship and preservation of it. This Venus yearns for romance, since it is extremely sensual, sexual aspect of the relationship is on the first place.

Because the Taurus is earth sign, Venus is mainly focused on senses. First and foremost sense is touch. The need for cuddling and long foreplay with a partner, building slowly inconceivable power of seduction. Sense of touch is also essential in daily routines so this Venus is mostly surrounded by soft and comfortable furniture, clothes.

Sense of smell is also expressed. The smell of partner is of primary importance in the seduction of this Venus. Also the food is spicy with aromas of tradition. This Venus is possessive and wants the absolute commitment. She is very sensitive on this point and on the slightest suspicion that something was going wrong she can overreact. Since this Venus is very patient will generally have a tendency to listen to explanations but with a strong impulse during the dialogue still stubbornly accuses.

 Partner will have a lot of trouble to convince this Venus that nothing had happened and that it was all a misunderstanding. All this applies also to the change in relationships that do not have anything to do with the betrayal.

For example, change jobs, cars, clothing styles. Because this Venus does not like change. She likes routine, because it gives her a sense of security and stability. If she is with a partner who can easily change habits or don’t have any in general this can be a very big problem.

Basically the people who are close to this Venus will have big obstacles in relations with her because she will stubbornly keep her endless rules to avoid any kind of change. The positive side of people who live with this Venus is that they can always count on her stability.

This Venus is very rational and predictable. She is very fundamental and does everything slowly and calmly because she simply cannot stand when her plans fails. This Venus will do everything always at the right time and the right place. The daily routine is essential and she will always choose comfort instead the action.

Key words would be: Warm, Sensuality, Stability, Stubbornness, Jealousy, Possessiveness, Tradition, Honesty.

Celebrities with Venus in Taurus: Karl Marx, Steffi Graf, Eric Clapton, Linda Evangelista, Jemima Kirke, Ella Fitzgerald, Chaka Khan, Sarah Vaughn, Cyd Charisse, Jesssica Alba, Liv Tyler, Debbie Harry, Princess Diana, Amber Heard, Traci Lords, Sasha Grey, Che Guevarra, Marlon Brando, James Franco, Kanye West.