Venus in Aries

The hunger for Love

First, I’ll point out that it is very important, this is only a description of the general meaning of Venus in Aries. Specify interpretation will most certainly determine with which planet Venus is primarily in conjunction.


The symbol of a proud woman. Also a symbol of beauty, especially in youth (Elizabeth Taylor had here Venus). Symmetrical facial features. Tenderness behind the mask of power. This does not mean that this Venus is not gentle, yes she is, but not often manifest tenderness.Keeps it for someone who will be worthy of it.


For someone who is stronger than she is. And that can be long search for them, and that is why they are starting relationships quickly, with a lot of fire inside and often also very quickly getting disappointed because the goal is to find ultimate love, the same kind of fire, passion and most of all life term commitment and fidelity.Because for this Venus, love and faithfulness are uncompromising.


Seeking a maximum from partners because it provides and gives the maximum of herself. High morality, directness. She longs to be conquered, tamed. But only from the one who is stronger than her. It is wrong to think that because of the fact that Mars is ruler of Aries this Venus can be the dominate one. No its actually opposite. That is why she needs stronger partner.


For this Venus is very important to have motive in everything she does. Something to push her to move on always. She is aging very slowly. And that means for body as for mind and soul. Eternal girl in someway. Even in advanced age she will dress often like teen. Simply because she dont feel aging.Other keywords for this Venus may be Severity, Distrust, especially towards the same sex, Jealousy, Possessiveness.


Most often becomes a mother at an early age. She can sacrifice, for her kids, for her husband, for the family. Wearing the burden on her back. Life is full of ups and downs. Fighting spirit. Tenacity. Fanatical love for just one person, often for life, regardless of whether she is or not with this person.


Rarely comes to second marriage, but if other aspects in the horoscope say that will happen second partner must be stronger and better than the first. If not, this Venus will suffer a lot and never actually move on and that is totally opposite from her nature. Fertility. Healthy and vital reproductive system. Speed, a positive nervousness. Action. Someone in the family must wear any kind of uniform. Police, sports, doctor or perhaps a prison, will tell other aspects. Symbolizes also red fruit, raspberry, strawberry, apricot and yellow ones. Red roses in the garden, on the table.


Celebrities with Venus in Aries: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Shakira, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downey Jr and George Clooney.