Transit Venus in Leo

2015-06-05 - 08-10

As you already know, the sign Leo is ruled by the Sun, a fixed sign with male energy. The lion symbolizes the sheer grandeur and magnificence, so we get to Venus, which is smooth and which generally meets the not so grandiose things, while staying in this sign gives itself vent and becomes a magnificent and aspires to grandeur.


This transit will bring to the fokus our confidence, our generosity and our authenticity. Venus in Leo tends to the checks received positive feedback. She also wants us to be recognized but also to pay tributs to the others.


Passionate displays of affection, commendations, recognition will be mirroring all that we give to others and we want them to return us the same extent.


Artistic enterprises, social connections, romantic relationships will escalate in this period. Of course all this will be manifested at different levels depending on the position in the natal chart and aspects that will activate this Venus transit. As each sign in the Zodiac, sign of Leo has its good and less good qualities.


Technically speaking, we may use this transit to the research ourselfs, restoring self-image, for example, through relationships with others, whether they are social or personal connections. Further possibilities are enjoying your holiday, art, or discovering some new cultures through travel. Some of us will choose to indulge their inner fire and express themselves in maximum. The sign of Leo can be a bit dramatic and focus on ourselfs during this transit can become obsessive state.


However, the entry of Venus in Leo will coincide with a trine to Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. Venus will form also other aspects during her stay in Leo, and some twice due to retrograde walk that will take from 25/07/2015.Generally the meaning would be that we will check again, or to work again on relationships, especially those from the past during Venus retrograde walk through the sign of Leo.


Venus in sign of Leo and Uranus from Aries will form an exact trine 29. 06. 2015. This aspect is full of electricity that will awaken the desire for freedom in human relations and communications. This brings up a desire to look more beautiful, or different than before, and stir up the burst into flame spark in our social life and push us to achieve high goals and dreams.


Around 01.07. Venus will also be in conjunction with Jupiter in Leo. This will result in the expression of the lion’s nature, it is being increased sense of optimism, generosity, social contacts. The possibility of extending our view of the world especially through love.


Fifth of July, Venus from Leo will be in sextile from Mercury in Gemini, which will mark the opening of the various options through communication and information exchange. Another important aspect that I will mention is the square between Venus in Leo and retrograde Saturn from sign of Scorpio, which will take place 14.07.2015.Warm and generous Venus against the rigid and strict Saturn. This aspect will force us to finish to the end the lessons of the subconscious.


Saturn in the sign of Scorpio required to take responsibility for our unconscious patterns, secret wounds and painful situations, old ghosts that we still persecute and to finally put an end to the lesson we should have learned during his stay in the sign of Scorpio, which began in December 2012.


During Venus retrograde walk through the sign of Leo from 25.07.2015, she will meet with Jupiter one more time (the first meeting between the first and the third of July) between 04-06. August. Untold stories, love from the past, will be actual again.


And in the end I will mention another encounter between Venus and Uranus that will happen 23.09. 2015. There is a possibility of surprises from the past, such as for example the shocking and unexpected occurrences people we once were in a very important relationship. Venus moving again directly from 14 Leo, 06.09. 2015.