Transit Saturn in Sagittarius

2015-09-17 - 2017-12-20

Saturn seeks definitions, structures and obligations. Require simplicity, precision and realism meaning. In the sign of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter symbolizes discipline and careful spending power. Requires a balance between unlimited freedom and restraint.


The sign of Sagittarius under Jupiter led indicates, among other, dissemination and expansion of the transit of Saturn or we’ll be forced to do it with much more discipline. Taking responsibility, on how we live, review and acceptance of the principles of truth, whatever it may be.


In a broader explanation would mean that we will have to face the issues of our personal life that are related to this field. Justice is the key word here. But when I speak about justice I mean also about our own truth or lies.


Saturn in this transit requires wisdom, knowledge, insight, learning. Some of us will have a lighter impact of this transit, and all of these requirements will follow in easier way. But some of us will have a very hard task to pass the examination of this transit. Of course it all depends on the aspects of planets in the natal chart each separately.


Negative tendencies of Sagittarius are largely exaggerated and irresponsible. So Saturn will work here specially on this. We will learn during this transit that such behavior is unacceptable. If we are really stubborn and try to keep working on our own, or to behave inconsistent, with the requirements of this Saturn we will be forced to overcome this lesson in much more harder way .


Many of us will , during this transit, feel inhibited, dissatisfied or with limited abilities. This is because Saturn requires structures, definitions and responsibilities. Sagittarius itself may sound a bit tumble in appetites for knowledge and learning but Saturn is now pushing under pressure to have to put in order.


Being positive is wonderful but if there is no basis for this in reality leads us inevitably to disappointment. This is one of the main lessons to be learned during this transit. As far about health is very important that during this period we walk as much as we can,that we take care of our feet, hips, veins and tendons because they are parts of the body ruled by the sign of the Sagittarius.


The sign of Sagittarius is very open, positive, curious. Speaks a lot, but now under pressure Saturn will teach us how first to think and then to say something. In particular, we cannot claim something without a clear basis. We will be forced to reconsider moral attitudes.


Problems regarding religiosity, the art will be also actual. But we should not forget that in every discussion, and it will be a lot of them, we have strong arguments before we can claim anything. Self-discipline is still the one of the lessons that we have to overcome during the transit of Saturn through the sign of the Sagittarius .


Our faith will be called into question several times. When I say faith, I think also about the trust in other people, organizations, or what we once accepted now we will reconsider and seek confirmation in a little more realistic context.


Saturn’s duty here is to teach us that it is not necessary to escape from the responsibilities and obligations. In order to rise up and we become more mature and perhaps even more with failures than with the successes. During this transit is important to be honest and consistent. To try to approach others in real terms. Do not promise too much, especially do not promise lightly. To keep us in reality as much as we can.