Transit Mercury in Taurus

2016-04-05 - 28

Mercury enters the sign of Taurus on April 5, 2016, and from April 28 will go retrograde. The planet of communication, quick thinking, writing, during his stay in Taurus will encounter primarily a good atmosphere for writing, studying. Ideas become concrete and practical.

Mercury is known to exaggerate in flexibility, but as the sign of Taurus is one of the less flexible in the zodiac, Mercury is forced to be less flexible.

It is important to not completely lose the ability of Mercury to looks at the world with an open mind. Taurus tends to be quite rigid in it.

In practical terms the sign of Taurus will give a positive stimulus to the transit. Problems will find practical and logical solution. Most of the things started in this period will be finished because the sign of Taurus is thorough in everything he does. The obstacles will be resolved careful with analysis of possible alternative solutions. Good period for obtaining and giving small gifts, small bonus or a raise.

From 28 April Mercury moves retrograde and ends retro cycle on 22. May. Opportunities during this period are restoring communications that are broken, meeting with close relatives, meeting friends we have not seen a long time, writing letters, renewal of old projects. Mercury enters its shadow 14 April and so will be up to 28 April. If in this period, we began making plans or projects we will have a good opportunity to consider it again later.