Transit Jupiter in Virgo

2016-09-09 - 2015-08-12

A word or two about the impending substantial change. Jupiter, the bringer of happiness (debatable), one of the cornerstones of changes next Saturn enters the sign of Virgo in August. First of all,Jupiter will mark the year in which the focus will be on self-discipline, improving existing talents but also create new opportunities for self-development. 


Jupiter in Virgo reflects happiness through productive work. Is it the working on ourselfs, or work as a bearer of prosperity for us and our loved ones. Will require from us above all constant, discipline and commitment every day to reach the goal. 


This is not Jupiter in Leo, it’s not glamorous, not spectacular, this is systematically Jupiter. Besides Virgo biggest impact will have on the earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn. As we know, the earth signs are mostly practical, basic, so they will take advantage of this transit mainly to more easily planned and led to a goal aspirations regarding securing the future. 


Virgo is a sign that plans to the smallest detail and mostly in small steps.. It is also mutable sign with potential of adaptation and the ability of making discerning choices. Sojourn of Jupiter in Virgo for some will mark the year in improving themselves. 


For some small and large changes, experimenting with what works well and what does not. Depending on the private circumstances we could simply say it will be one year of adjustments, simplify or eliminate undesirable. It will be necessary daily effort and commitment to utilize the maximum of this transit and finally to achieve valuable and fundamental goals. Virgo is also a hygienist. 


Through the impetus that will give her the transit of Jupiter will be a expressed need for cleansing, detoxification and simplification. When I say “clean” I mean not only maintaining space or clothing. I’m talking about mental and emotional purity. 


The year will be marked by a strong sense of duty, helping others, volunteering, the need for a healthy thing, self-improvement, the quest for perfection. Excessive analysis will lead to excessive criticism. Hair-splitting, too judgmental of others. Focused attention to detail, lowercase letters when writing, the precise expression. 


Organic products and health food products in general will be in expansion. The need to understand the system in which we live as well as to consider the causes and consequences of decisions.