Retrograde Mercury

2017-12-03 - 22

This is the last retrograde movement of Mercury for 2017. The retrograde walk begins on 03. 12. and ends on 22.12. 2017. The retrograde walk of Mercury starts on the 29th Degree of Sagittarius and moves to the 13th degree. The period in which Mercury is retrograde is mainly on bad reputation due to poor communication, missed connections, crash of technology, delays in almost all segments, and so on.


However, there are also good sides of this aspect, and this is above all a possibility of slowing down, viewing things from the point of self-analysis, what has been done so far. The time that is ideal for reorganization, re-communication, reconstruction of the list of priorities. It’s not a good time to start new things like new connections, new business projects, signing contracts, getting married, unplanned shopping, borrowing the money.


Generally, any decision made during this period will change drastically when Mercury completes his retrograde walk and comes out of his shadow. It is therefore advisable to use this period to reflect, thinking , analyze, and to avoid making final decisions.


As already mentioned, Mercury begins his fictional backward movement from the 29th degree Sagittarius in conjunction with Saturn, who has been in this sign for last2.5 years. As the 29th grade is quite malefic, it always talks about the end, the interruption, the stagnation.


The beginning of Mercury’s backward movement from this point and in conjunction with Saturn is that we have a chance to re-examine the previous period again, to see where we were wrong, to make a plan for correcting certain situations, and after the Mercury reinstating a direct walk, to make decisions that will be right this time.


The conjunction with Saturn tells us that we need to review what actually happened during the last 2.5 years, what lessons were learned, what we missed to master. In a way, we are given the opportunity to try through this aspect to overcome the challenges for the last time that Saturn made us to have during his stay in the sign of Sagittarius. So this retrograde Mercury’s move will be more challenging than the usual retrograde Mercury.


Mercury rules through our way of thinking as well as the way we communicate. You may feel at moments like your thoughts are distracted, unfocused. Slow in reactions, in particularly verbal character. We will be more focused on communication at the inner level, to look at the past and to accept it. Any thoughts or questions about the past will be given a new opportunity to clarify and resolve.


The best you can do during this transit is to give yourself the right to slow down and give yourself time to analyze without any decision making. Take the time to purify your thoughts and reject it if they are undesirable.


There is a possibility of encountering people from the past, which you have not heard or seen for long time. Some can meet again with former love. And here we are advised to be careful and, above all, to re-examine why there has been an interruption of relationship in the past. You will most likely find the answer if it’s worth to try again.