Retrograde Mars - Red Warrior

2016-04-17 - 06-29

This transit will include two signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius and Scorpio. His retrograde walk Mars begins on the 9 degree of Sagittarius and will continue to do so until the 24 degree of Scorpio.

Sagittarius s is the sign who is quick and impulsive, prone to adventures and fast decisions. Among other things it symbolizes the bow and arrow, and it is one of the most important symbols that it shares with Mars because the planet is direct, fast and also one of its symbols is arrow, spear.

Reverse or retrograde is not a natural state for Mars. Based on these facts, we can conclude that in the period retrograde Mars in the sign of Sagittarius we will primarily questioning the objectives set in the previous period. Suddenly decisions are no longer clear, the way of implementation becomes questionable. Confusion and uncertainty will prevail.

Mostly will go in the direction of withdrawal, or simply stopping. We will want the security of starting points when the decisions were made. It is important to emphasize that this retrograde walk begins precisely on the fixed star Antares.

This fixed star is from constellation Scorpio, nature of Mars and Jupiter with a magnitude of 0.98. The star in the heart of the Scorpion. Name comes from the Anti – Ares which means Rival of Mars. Among other things, symbolizes unexpectedly developments and possible accidents.

Anteres also associated with great ambition and in the opinion of the many authors is actually more dangerous ambition that at the end leads to destruction. And in fact this transit of Mars will be good in the aspect to rethink ambitious goals and to try to come to a better solution in the near future.

But we must have in mind that this withdrawal from the star Antares is only short break because Mars will be back once again in direct stroke in mid-August 2016 and then will be in rare conjunction with Saturn precisely on this star.

Period when the Mars retrograde is never good for launching any initiative. Any beginning in this period will have a tendency to end badly. Whether it’s a business , a love affair, discussion or lawsuit. Everything goes very difficult and many will feel anger and frustration about it. As a result one can expect many breaks in all areas of life.

People who have Mars as a ruler of Natal chart, such as Scorpions and Aries will be intensely affected by this transit. But also Sagittarius or persons having the Ascendant in Sagittarius. Mostly they will feel there is a great blockade of energy and easily become too passive in this period. Stimulants to start the action returns when Mars starts again direct walk.

Since each retrograde walks of planets brings also reviving of past, Mars in this case strikes primarily female population thru meetings with former loves, restoring ties of the past. But it is important to emphasize that this recovery will rarely remain stable and have a happy ending.

But what is positive during this transit there will be plenty of opportunity for those who did not have a chance in the past to finally put an end to the painful issues. Advice for all is to wait in making final decisions until this transit does not pass.