Mars in Sagittarius

Endless Hunt

Patience? What is that? Asking this Mars. So one of the most important characteristics of this position is impatience. People with this position are restless and yearning for adventure. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign, Mars is action, so we get impermanence. Mars here is constantly on the move, simply because physical activity calms.


Always working on several projects at the same time because must be constantly busy. And that’s great, however, because of the impermanence often he is not able to complete commenced.


The thrill is present mainly at the beginning and quickly disappeared. A great animator in a society with a very high tendency to impose their opinion. Speaking of thoughts and opinions, is typical of this Mars to share his thoughts and opinion impulsively without deeper analysis.


The first impression that he leaves to the others is that he is warm and caring and this is because he thinks that about himself and also represent it in that way to others. But he can lie easy to others if that is in his interest. Moving on from topic to topic, with the project to another, from one person to another person simply makes great difficulty for others to keep going with these Mars.


He loves the freedom above all, and because of that he is impossible for any binding. If the situation becomes too serious he will try to impose his freedom as an imperative, on the other hand, if that is simply impossible, he will escape and disappear.


Because Jupiter, which is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, Mars in this sign can often preach to others about morality, sometimes so persistently for days and all of a sudden stop and then move into the role of entertainers. Accustomed to act on his own and can be very persuasive. He do not like to be corrected by others and impose their views. If that happens, he becomes very irritable. He just expect from others to share his vision and thinking.


He likes the philosophy because practicality is not his strong point. Tends to idealistic everything that he is thinking to be important for him. Expressed confidence and optimistically thinking that lead to make this Mars often accepting risks without thinking of the possible consequences.


The relationship is characterized by infidelity. A restless spirit seeks changes and variations. He likes to win, chase, hunt, however, when has reached the target he losing interest. This Mars needs stimulation from sexual and the intellectual level at same time to be able to have longer interest in one person. Can be sometimes crude because it seems that it’s fun. Sarcastic too.


He likes sports, but like everything else in his life must be funny and victorious. If something is not going smoothly, he lose interest and leave the game. This also applies to the game called love.


Celebrities with Mars in Sagittarius: Dick Clark, Ellen DeGeneres, Steffi Graf, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Meg Ryan, Christian Slater, Mark Twain and Rene Zellweger.