Jupiter Retrograde - Libra

2017-02-06 - 06-08 - 23° - 13°

Jupiter in Libra begins his retrograde walk on 6 February 2017. The symbolisms of Libra are the connections, marital or cohabiting too, business relationships, contracts, agreements, justice and injustice, the balance between the two sides and so on.


Jupiter’s main symbolism is belief. So in the coming period Jupiter will enable us to re-look at certain situations in our lives, giving us a chance to correct it, repeat if necessary, or turn page.


Three most important aspects  which  Jupiter will make in the coming period are:

  • Opposition Jupiter – Uranus, (Me against You)

  • Square Jupiter – Pluto (Excessive Force)

  • Quincunx Jupiter – Neptune (Forgiving the unforgivable)

We’ll be inspired to evaluate our closest relationships. Even long-term partnerships may be the subject of thinking during this retrograde walk of Jupiter. The first week of March will mark the second exact opposition of Jupiter and Uranus. Weak relationships will be over. Solid and stable will be tempted and put to the test.


Relationships that are not built according to the context of equality will be most vulnerable and forced to change or within the relation, or if it is not possible by ending it. Period of retrograde walk primarily means thinking about the relationship and I do not recommend making the decisions in this period or the entry into action.


Other symbol that will be present for many is the feeling that the time forces us to go back, which means that it will appear nostalgia for the people and the relationships from the past. Consequently, many will also be re-connect or renew relationships and friendships from the past.


The key word would be: Revisiting By the end of this retrograde walk we will get a clear answer to whether we continue or abort. This applies to any situation that is in association with the sign of Libra and symbolism of Jupiter.