Jupiter in Scorpio

2017 - 2018

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11, 2017 and will stay in this sign until November 9, 2018. It marks the beginning of a thirteen-month period of research and dealing with complex mysteries of life and death, psychological diving in the depths of our being, concealing or revealing secrets. Jupiter strives to exaggerate, so in this case we have to pay particular attention to what we will discover and in which extent we will be able to understand the layers of truth from the layers of lies. 


Jupiter will help us with his wisdom, striving for the truth, to come to solutions that are hidden in the shadows of our lives and in ourselves.We can use this research energy to understand and treat buried problems that we have been rejecting for a long time.


The magnetism and healing power of Jupiter in Scorpio represent a powerful energy for the beginning of change. It has the power to push us through this process of moving something from the deepest depths of our being and transforming our life from the root.Jupiter stayed in Libra for about a year, it was very tense period for many of us in many segments, especially since we had to fight with the Variable T – square from the Virgo the year before, and immediately afterwards to continue the fight with the Cardinal T – square made by Jupiter from the sign of the Libra.Jupiter’s transit in Scorpio will be particularly challenging for fixed signs. 


Problems accumulated in the past couple of years have to be solved, and the old ways of solving them must change because they simply have not given the corresponding results. This requires the right action, change of perspective, digging deeper to understand the greater meaning of who we are, what we want and where we strive and the removal of stubborn attitudes. 


This can be frustrating and hard for fixed signs, but patience and effort can bring extraordinary results at the end.As far as all the signs are concerned, this transit can be used for self-regeneration or renewing ourselves. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we will deal with more serious aspects of life, but we need to make sure that we do not get stuck in pessimism and depression. 


Jupiter is optimistic, while Scorpio rules the darkness and seriousness of life, secrets, and passions. Jupiter and Scorpion energy are absolutely different, and that is why it is essential that during this transit we look at our reality in clear way as possible and that we try not to allow problems to grow, or, depending on the situation, we need to avoid to go from the extremity of Jupiter’s optimism in the total darkness of Scorpio.Scorpio is also the ruler of the money of “other people” – taxes, loans, debts, inheritances, joint finances, business finance, shares, because he is ruling eighth house in Zodiac. 


I advise you to take care of these topics depending on natal positions, for some of us it will be good, for example, we will collect at final the debt from someone, but for some of us it may be the opposite, the debt arrives and need to be paid.Scorpio rules intimacy, so Jupiter in Scorpio will make us work to create stronger emotional relationships with the people we care about. 


We will seek deep intimacy and have less patience for superficial relationships. We want our relationships to have the depth and meaning, to be solid and strong.Scorpio also rules sex, so that we can express more open views on sex and sexuality, to clearly express what we want, and even more clearly what we do not want. 


The free attitude and the struggle for freedom in love and the choice of partners will be dominant. Scorpio is obsessive, stubborn, and persistent. There will be plenty of jealousy at all levels, but we must have in mind that in any case one of the best sides of this sign is that it’s not stopping to the end. So with Jupiter’s aspiration of expansion, we can direct this energy here so that some unusual or painful situations from the past are finally over and if necessary, completely burn down, destroy, so that new, better things can began in our lives.