Eclipse of the Sun

Young Moon in Pisces

Today’s solar eclipse and new moon will occur in the first decade of Pisces around 16h CET.

You know that new moon means a new beginning, a beginning of a new phase of life, and this eclipse is pointing out – to go in a different direction, but only when we are done with the old, to continue with what we have left and decide what we will drag with us – do not forget that the last sign of the zodiac is Pisces which further suggests that it is right time that we put on some things the end and freed move on.


This eclipse and new moon occur in a somewhat “strange” astrological environment – Mars and Uranus are in conjunction and opposition with retrograde Jupiter, Venus in Aries is about to start retrograde walk, a sign of Pisces is highlighted with Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Neptune. Almost everything will happen on the emotional level, in the segment of partnerships that will lead us to a release big shift, change. Saturn in Sagittarius will support and give the final aspect of the stories that will be next to happen – time and durability and our paths directed in the right way.


Do not expect any special spectacles immediately, because the effects of this eclipse we will feel in the first part of this year. What we can expect now is tied the most in symbolic of Pisces – excessive emotionality, the feeling that “something” comes or goes from you, flashes of intuition, emphasized faith and hope, and most of all – dreams.


These dreams will certainly be intense or in bright colours or totally the opposite,dark, confuse and fogy, they may be related to the water, you will be able to hear the music in your dreams, you will see people who once were important or will become important in your life, some people who have long been moved into a “better place”, or we can wake up with the feeling that we dreamed of something essential and important but we cannot remember. Pisces are ruled by Neptune whom symbolize art, music, dreams, water,high intuition,but also confusion, drugs, alcohol.


In any case, in the coming days highlighted will be changes in mood. At one point you’ll be happy for no reason, but in very next – ready to rumble and discussion with whoever is found across from you.


Try to be like a lake. Calm and deep. Good luck!