Ceres in Signs

Ceres in Aries

Ceres in Aries primarily symbolize independence. People with this position express love on the physical level. Tenderness is not their forte side. Usually, they will push others to independence in the form of encouragement.


Sometimes the problem they will feel bad or not good enough in relation to the parents. Great protectors of their families. They can be sometimes offensive and they love dynamics. They also often have a competitive spirit in their relationships. People with this position must be nurtured by the family or partners independence in order to feel loved. 


If they feel dominates over them, or that they are being pressured to accept the obligations and responsibilities before they themselves feel ready, it can result in blockages and appearance problems. Ceres in Aries valued in the first place self-determination. They don’t support pressure.


Ceres in Taurus

Here is especially accentuated physical contact, hugging and cuddling. Also, these people require stability and security. When this is provided they feel protected and loved.


First of all they protective side towards others is expressed in what will they provide for them, for example; food, a warm home and financial stability. Can sometimes become too independent or too dependent on things they own. Another option is to equate self worth with possession. Sense of worth comes from self providing.


Ceres in Gemini

Requesting and providing environmental motivation through the world, intellect and communication. Education is priority. The need to communicate with others. Dissemination of information whenever is possible. 


When there are problems in the life of the person, that may cause mental confusion or blockages. The tendency to be intellectually superior. A love of learning and the need for personal recognition value. Satisfaction within themselves comes through a sense of intellectual strength.


Ceres in Cancer

Satisfaction is the most field at the home environment. This person feels the best and safest in his home. He loves to care and look after the household and his loved ones. Embrace and warmth have enormous value.


If his attention is not reciprocated the person feeling that the whole world is falling apart. Provide or require physical and emotional safety. Person is very sensitive. Those who understand their needs at an early age will successfully help others throughout their lives. Those who have been deprived of their need for emotion can suffocate others with excessive affection or exaggerated claims. One important thing which this person needs to learn is self acceptance.


Ceres in Leo

Proudly satisfaction in caring for others. Generally cheerful and optimistic person, especially in the society. An excellent example of how a confident person looks. But also he successfully transfer to the others how to be confident. Although this person is not the best in providing emotional security but he is primarily dedicated.


Providing attention to the others makes this person to feel good with himself. Especially when he is honored for it. They love attention, admiration and respect. Mostly are creative and independent and they encourage others too. When they have some problems or just not feel good it may appear as insufficient sense of self value. Self expression is very important.


Ceres in Virgo

Here we have excessive criticism, although in fact the only thing these people really want is to help others. They feel good when they are busy, when they are working.


They are also very good at detailed exposition and good directional constructive criticism which takes effect. Their need is to care about others so it will be at your service. In the worst case, all depending on the natal position of Ceres in aspects, these people can express dissatisfaction both to themselves and their achievements and to others and their achievements. Pay great attention to clothing, food and health. They provide an example to others, how to be happy in their work and how to be self disciplined.


Ceres in Libra

This is expressed through the care beauty. These individuals demonstrate their caring for others in small and subtle gestures. They also wants the same from the others. Another objective is primarily to get along with others and share their goods.


Also it’s very important to have a good relationship with they partner. The danger is that they can be a bit lost in the desire to be accepted by others and forgetting the work on themselves. Good manners and sensitivity to others. They appreciate the effort, fine food, drink, clothing.


Ceres in Scorpio

Here Ceres will generally express affection through touch and intimacy. These people enjoy everything that is mysterious and it is transforming. Treatment of others gives them a sense of satisfaction.


Throughout life, they achieved strong links with their loved ones and this makes them complete. Emotional control over others is very important. They can be very jealous, possessive or outraged if their attention is not reciprocated. Stable relationships are of primary importance. Isolation leads to problems.


Ceres in Sagittarius

Person with this position its not showing directly his caring. He actually chooses a little more subtle way to express that. Mainly he use spreading positivity, wisdom, as a way to express caring for others.


People with this position are excellent counselors and teachers. Sometimes when they have problems may occur feeling of meaninglessness. Their important aim is to stimulate optimism in others. Show their affection and concern mainly by occupying presence in social problems. They feel satisfied when they have their freedom to explore the world and broaden their horizons.


Ceres in Capricorn

Ceres in Capricorn feels satisfied when everything is organized and under control. His goal is to teach others how to become successful. He feels great satisfaction with every success.


He is taught to be responsible so that knowledge will be transferred to the others. When problems arise can go to the extreme so that will be even more attached to their goals but also successes. Excessive ambition.


He does not like surprises. Everything has to be planned and organized. Throughout his life, others will try to convey his vision of success and priorities of the importance of goals. People with this position feel loved as much as they are successful in life.


Ceres in Aquarius

This Ceres finds comfort in all that is strange and unconventional. He also likes to be in the company of his friends. When he feel bad there is no better cure than to see some friends.It is possible that there was a sense of rejection in childhood and that’s why he learned how to distance themselves from the feeling of rejection. It is very difficult to admit that he need someone. Expression of intimacy can be difficult.


Person with this position will express his caring learning others about social justice. Also expresses the acceptance of others fully and appreciates others for their authenticity. He also demands that from others. It is important for them to be accepted for what they are and whenever it is possible to be at service to help others in achieving goals. Prices of personal freedom.


Ceres in Pisces

Ceres in Pisces expands emotions all around. Person with this position wants to understand and help others during the emotional crisis. Person is indeed fully sympathetic to the suffering of others. 


He loves everything in the domain of the imagination. When he feel bad or when life sets problems or obstacles may occur feeling of helplessness and abandonment. There should be a period of solitude to return life energy and reduce stress. Stay by the water calms. Self acceptance largely depends on the ability to not become selfish.