The asteroids were all named after the female family of Jupiter. Ceres his sister, Juno his wife, Pallas Athena his daughter and Vesta another sister.

Hoop of asteroid is composed by a myriad of objects that are scattered in a ring between Mars and Jupiter.Following the pattern of the solar system and coherence relations which is reflected in the planetary orbits we are coming to the conclusion that the asteroids are fragments of a planet that was once part of the solar system and that for some reason are gone and disintegrated. 


This planet was called Bellona. In modern astrology we include some of the largest asteroids in interpretations such as Vesta, Juno, Ceres and Palas.


In mythology, Ceres (Demeter) was Persefons mother. Indicates unconditional love, relationships between parents and children but also all the problems regarding loyalty, affection, separation, loss and suffering. It also symbolizes agriculture, productivity, nurturing and caring. It is connected also with the problems of self evaluation.


In mythology, Pallas (Athena, Minerva) was the daughter of Zeus, which was formed from the head of Zeus. Indicates wisdom but also a warrior. Protector of the state and defender of justice. Her other symbolism is the goddess of wisdom and intelligence, a healer, protector of art and driver of creativity.


In mythology, Juno (Hera) was the wife of Jupiter. And that is why in astrology symbolizes marriage. Symbolizes the institution of marriage, together with the obligations and commitment. It also means the connectivity and compliance.


Further, it is associated with sensitivity to others and intimate needs. Also symbolizes the individual reactions, in relation to personal frustration or rejection of intimate need. Indicates also art and creative talent.


In mythology, the daughter of Saturn and Ops, goddess of virgins. Symbolism is eternal fire and protector of the sacred fire. We associate it with devotion and preservation of religious and spiritual beliefs.


Her sexuality and all other attributes like spiritual content to surrender because this virgin memorial means does not belong to any man, but only the spirit.


In natal chart indicates how the person deals with work, loyalty, affection, sacrifice. It also symbolizes the refusal or fear of intimacy and personal issues of integration.


Vesta is the core of the planet Maldek that was (while there) natural ruler of the sign of Virgo and sixth field and therefore Vesta maintains this association.