Character traits in Zodiac

Positive and negative

Positive and negative character traits in Zodiac

Aries: General positive characteristics

He likes new beginnings, he is active, he likes to compete, is reliable, can be hyper-creative, dynamic, independent, likes new beginnings, self-aware, takes action

Aries: General negative characteristics

Enemy-minded, able to be very arrogant, he is all quick, awakens, negatively dominant, likes to command, extremely impulsive, exclusive, selfish, extremely rude


Taurus: General positive characteristics

Conservative, faithful, stable, conservative, very patient, practical, very sensual, sometimes very contentious but stable, very durable, family, honest

Taurus: General negative characteristics

Greedy, does not love change, obsessive, extremely jealous, materialistically oriented, obsessive need for certainty, self-satisfied, stubborn, stuck, slow


Gemini: General positive characteristics

Very flexible, optimistic, eloquent, communicative, curious, expressive, likes to collect information, likes literature, very inventive, resourceful, always interested

Gemini: General negative characteristics

Unstable mood, tension, impatience, very uncertain and unpredictable, restless, extremely ungrateful, impossibility of concentration, superficiality, indifference, insensibility


Cancer: General positive characteristics

Dedicated to the family, emotional, family-friendly, intuitive, loyal, protective-oriented, sensitive, extremely sentimental, oriented to traditional values, persistent

Cancer: General negative characteristics

He is overwhelming, living in the past, uncompromising, insecure, manipulative, pathetic, negatively possessive, selfish, unpredictable, self-defamatory, insincere


Lion: General positive characteristics

Dignity, affectionate, influential, inspiring, leader, magnetism, powerful, proud, confident, ambitious, creative, romantic, optimistic, generous

Lion: General negative characteristics

Self-centeredness, pronounced arrogance, autocrats, arrogant, vanity, commanding, false manifestation of consent, melodramatic expression, the need of constant admiration, the role of superior, pretentious, scorn


Virgo: General positive characteristics

Analytics, reliability, efficiency, health consciousness, high standards, logical thinking, methodology, very organized, extremely practical, precise, thorough, reliable, fact finding, seeking perfection

Virgo: General negative characteristics

He does not know how to accept criticism, hypercritical to others, the tendency to condemn others, materialists, obsessive, sick pedantry, petty, mischief, tendency of others' guilt, fear of illness, fear of poverty, sceptical, too analytical, hypochondria


Libra: General positive characteristics

Art, harmony, seduction, love of culture, diplomacy, justice, love beauty, mediator, social, affectionate

Libra: General negative characteristics

Irresponsiveness, indecision, difficulties of controlling anger, excessive compromises in order to reach peace with others, dishonesty, supremacy, apathy, adores intrigue, dishonesty


Scorpio: General positive characteristics

Intense, emotional, research oriented, magnetism, mysteriousness, passion, incredible transformation, power, motivation, extraordinary regeneration ability, sexual, natural, strong motivation

Scorpio: General negative characteristics

Extreme, intolerant, expressive jealousy, ecstasy, ruthlessly sarcastic, prone to lies, secrecy, violence, unreasonable possessiveness, the tendency of over-sexual experimentation


Sagittarius: General positive characteristics

Generosity, sense of humor, optimism, inspiration, intuition, justice, enthusiasm, love travelling, nature, tendency to complete higher education, multi education

Sagittarius: General negative characteristics

Irresponsiveness, superficiality, claustopobobility, unrealistic, impulsiveness, impotence, boredom, stubbornness, manipulation


Capricorn: General positive characteristics

Ambitiousness, cautiousness, dedication, discipline, economy, conservatism, realist, practitioner, responsibility, orientation, precision, wisdom

Capricorn: General negative characteristics

Excessive ambition, irresponsibility, arrogance, pessimistic attitude, insensitivity, stubbornness, lack of empathy, cold approach, violent authority


Aquarius: General positive characteristics

Humanitarianism, idealization, individualism, innovation, reformer, unusual, freedom, a fighter for social rights, uniqueness, dashing, intellectuality

Aquarius: General negative characteristics

Cold-bloodedness, separation, eccentricity, inflexibility, intolerance, total unpredictability, inability to forgive, cold, calculated, and even at their own expense, undefined


Pisces: General positive characteristics

Emotional, empathic, strong intuition, art, sensitivity, loyalty, humility, adaptability, tendency to sacrifice for others, tendency to forgive too easy, mystery, romanticism

Pisces: General negative characteristics

Dependence on others, naivety, pessimism, depression, laziness, illusion, emotional blockade, cowardly, unsure, tendency to exaggerations, inability to set limits, loneliness.

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